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How do I add a favourite?

You can save 3 different kinds of favourites, locations, public transport stops and trips.

Adding locations (e.g. your favourite bar) as favourites:
  • Search for it or drop a pin on the map
  • Tap the callout, then tap ‘Add to Favourites’ at the bottom.
Alternatively, when you’re looking at a trip, select the destination and then tap the star in the callout.

Favourite locations give you quick trip solutions from wherever you are.

Adding public transport stops (e.g. your home bus stop or train station) as favourites:
  • Search for it or navigate to the stop on the map
  • Tap on it, then tap on the callout to bring up the "location" menu
  • Tap on ‘Add to Favourites’ at the bottom.
Adding public transport stops to your favourites allows you to quickly see the next services leaving from the stop.

Adding trips (e.g. from home to a favourite restaurant) as favourites:
  • Search for a trip, tap "Route"
  • Tap to select your preferred mode of transport
  • On iPhone, tap in the top right corner and select "Add favourite"

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